"Award winning quality and respect"

Custom Construction

Apart from the award winning quality, we at Thomas Custom Homes believe the most important service we provide our clients is to make building your dream home stress free and enjoyable. Making sure our clients enjoy the process is of the utmost importance to us. We are never off the clock and available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want our clients to become part of our family and award winning team. We can assist you through the design process and work with any architect or designer you have engaged or we can recommend architects, designers and interior designers if need be.

Our egoless commitment to teamwork and excellence makes Thomas Custom Homes very easy and enjoyable to work with. Never building more than 4 homes at once, we have the time to give our clients the focus they deserve. Whether you are building an inner city infill or estate home, from classic to contemporary, Thomas Custom Homes is the right choice if you aspire to a higher standard of luxury and quality.

Restoration and Renovations

Thomas Custom Homes is experienced in expert repair of your home for any insurance claim to get your life back to normal as quick as possible and as stress free as possible.

Thomas Custom Homes can assist you to extend or upgrade your home to add value to your home or to meet your family's growing needs.

Leed Certified
Green Building

Thomas Custom Homes is an experienced green builder and can offer LEED Standard homes from silver to platinum ratings as per your desire.

Take Overs

If you made an unfortunate decision in picking the wrong builder and are not enjoying the process. Do not feel lost, you are not alone. Thomas Custom Homes can take over any project at any stage and complete it to the quality and standard you expected.


If you own a piece of land or have an older home perfect for an infill, Thomas Custom Homes can partner you in the project taking care of design, construction and selling of the project making the process simple and profitable .Contact us for a pressure free conversation on the potential of your property.


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